• cisco 6945 SCCP to SIP conversion

    I got a pretty good challenge this week while working on something else. Someone needed to convert a ton of 6945’s to SIP and they don’t have a Communications Manager. I tried to do the conversion with CME…but there are known bugs with that phone and cme. I have found that you have to update the factory default SCCP file…then convert to SIP. What I am working on is getting the proper files and doing the upgrade with just a TFTP server, and no call control component. These phones will be used with a Siemens system utilizing SIP until they get their full Cisco UC solution deployed. I will be posting exact steps once I am successful later. If anybody has any ideas or has done this kind of thing before, any advice would be appreciated.

  • Voice written study part 1

    I have been hammering my studies again in prep for my voice written, which I take exactly one week from today. I have done some serious deep diving on several topics, and wanted to pass some of that information on.
    I broke down the different message types for the MGCP protocol, for troubleshooting purposes and have listed them below.

    • RQNT = “RequestNotify” sent from CUCM only this is a request to notify usually for on hook.
    • NTFY = “Notify” sent from Gateway only this sends the notify to the CUCM that there has been an event (ex: on hook)
    • CRCX = “ConnectionRequest” CUCM only this is for a connection setup between 2 endpoints.
    • AUEP = “AuditEndpoint” CUCM only sends for status of a registered endpoint.
    • AUCX = “AuditConnection” CUCM only gets parameters of a connection
    • DLCX = “DeleteConnection” Both Gateway and CUCM sends a delete connection to the other side
    • MDCX = “ModifyConnection” CUCM only modifies a connection (usually from recv-only to send-receive for 2 way conversation)
    • RSIP = “RestartInProgress” Gateway only sends a RSIP status back to the CUCM if it is in that mode.

  • Fresh New start

    Ok, so I now have my new site up and wordpressed! I am going to be modifying things quite a bit here in the very near future.  Most of all though, I am going to be blogging about my path again, since I am finally up and going for it again!